You are a Child of the Aether

The “So What and Who Cares?” Series 

By Annabella Wood 

1- You Are a Child of the Aether 

Nassim Haramein- Resonance Science Foundation

“…there is a field that connects everything and makes up all of the material world. When we understand that…you can think of your body as a region of that field…that is organized in a certain set of that information. When you realize that, then you also realize that ‘I can change that set of information in…the field of my body, by concentrating on it; by sending certain sets of information through it, certain intent…through it, certain states of emotion.’” - Nassim Haramein - YouTube - The Field of Boundless Information - 38:00-39:32 

Unwrapping this statement: 

The universe is a huge field of tiny bits of information, much like the internet. The internet is nothing but a network of information. We can’t see the information nor use it when it is in the form of bits. So we add pieces of hardware such as computers or cell phones to the internet making the information accessible to humans. We communicate with the bits of information and they communicate with us through the hardware. Each time we use our internet device to send a message or do anything else, we are altering the online field of information, albeit slightly or on a grand scale. 

Sometimes our hardware picks up diseases from the internet. These diseases are created out of particular sets of information. By changing the particular information which created the disease, we can fix the hardware. In other words, by changing the local information on our devices we can eradicate the disease, or heal the device and continue using it without further harm from that particular information. 

If we don’t fix our hardware we can spread the disease, knowingly or unknowingly, to others who are connected, or entangled, to us on the internet whether we know them or not. 

The universe is a field of information just like the internet. Without bits of information, neither the internet nor the universe would exist. We can’t see the bits of information in either case. We’ll call the field in the universe aether. We can’t see the aether, but it is absolutely everywhere. It fills the space between galaxies, stars, and planets as well as filling the space between molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles. It is absolutely everywhere. 

Things in the material world do for the aether what hardware does for online information. It brings it to life, literally and figuratively. From the information in the field, smaller sets of information are assembled to produce our experience: human, dog, tree in your physical life. In virtual life, desktop, pad, phone in the internet. What creates the experience by the body/device is what determines which information will be included in the set which is you. In both cases, this is the brain and neural system. 

Our experience of the internet is created by the set of information we choose to see such as websites, games, videos… No two of us have the same set of information on our computers from the internet. The same is true in our physical lives. 

So what and who cares? 

Your body, your experiences, and your memories are a certain set of information. That is what individuates you from everyone else. This is great news because you can intentionally change the set of information that defines you: your body, experiences, and memories. In other words, you are determining how you experience life as a direct result of what you think life is. In the Bible, it is said this way, “It is done unto you as you believe.” 

One way to change the information in your unique set is to change your beliefs. You can influence your actions, your health, your attitudes, emotions, energy levels and everything else in your life experience, even how you remember things from the past. I’m not saying this is necessarily easy, just that it is possible. 

Industries are built around methods for changing the set of information that is you. Some examples are the medical system, the educational system, advertising, and the self-help industry. Meditation, homeopathy, energy work, sound therapy, crystal vibrational therapypersonal therapy, nutrition, water enhancement through filtration or vibrational input, vitamins & drugs, crystals, finding great explanations for esoteric questions… these are just a few of thousands of ways to intentionally alter your personal set of information and hence your experience. 

You experience life through the sum of your choices as to what you focus on; which subsets of information in the aether you interact with. You create your life one choice at a time. There is no limit on what you can experience because there is no limit in the aether, and you are a child of the aether.

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