Map of Route

We headed out to CA on the northern route, and the trip east was the southern route. On our way home we went through San Antonio and Houston on I-10.


Itinerary for Truck Driving Mama Wish

June 6: Day 1: Dublin PA to Pittsburgh, PA 296 miles/6 hours

Send-off Party 9:30am E.S.T. Dublin Star Diner
Leave Dublin Star Diner at 11am E.S.T. travel 296 miles/6 hours. arrive at Western PA Chapter Pittsburgh, PA approximately 7pm E.S.T.
Dinner and refreshments and possibly have an American Legion Event arranged with the Western PA Chapter, to raise money for the Western PA Chapter.

Stay the night #1 Western PA Chapter Twilight Wish

June 7: Day 2: Pittsburgh, PA to Perrysburg, OH to Chicago, IL 477 miles/10 hours
9:00am E.S.T. Leave Western PA Chapter and head toward Perrysburg, OH (near Toledo) 237 miles 5 hours (-1 hour for time change from E.S.T. to Central Time) Arrive Perrysburg, OH about 2:00-3:00pm at Sunbridge for songs and dinner
5-6pm leave Sunbridge Perrysburg head toward Chicago 237 miles (5 hours) arrive Chicago 10pm-12am C.S.T. 

Stay the night in Chicago, IL

June 8: Day 3: Chicago, IL to Davenport, IA 176 miles 3.5 hours
Chicago The Oprah Show
Leave Chicago 6:00pm C.S.T. head for Davenport, IA 176 miles/3 1/2 hours
Sleep in Davenport, IA arrive 10:00-11:00pm C.S.T.

Stay the night in Davenport, IL

June 9: Day 4: Davenport, IA to Kearney, NE 486 miles\10 hours
Leave Davenport 9:00am C.S.T. head for Kearney, NE 486 miles/10 hours arrive in Kearny by 9pm C.S.T. 
Cities that adventurers will pass through: Des Moines, IA (170 miles from Davenport), Omaha, NE (135 Miles from Des Moines), Lincoln, NE (60 miles from Omaha), and Kearny (133 miles from Lincoln)

Stay the night in Kearny, Nebraska

June 10: Day 5: Kearny, NE to Thornton, CO to Denver, CO 362 miles\7.5 hours
9:00-10am C.S.T. Kearny to Thornton, CO 352 miles/ 7.5 hours (Sunbridge Location) to Denver, CO 11 miles/22 mins from Thornton arrive in Thornton 4:30pm -5:30pm (- 1 hour M.S.T.) have dinner and music at Sunbridge Thornton then leave for Denver CO arrive approx. 8pm for sleepover

Stay the night in Denver, Colorado

June 11: Day 6: Annabella's birthday. Leave Denver 10:00am M.S.T. head for Grand Junction, CO 244 miles/5 hours arrive at Grand Junction by 4:30 pm M.S.T. Sunbridge Dinner and singing
Leave Grand Junction Sunbridge by 6:30 pm M.S.T. drive to Richfield, UT 225 miles 4 1/2 hours arrive Richfield, UT by 11:30pm M.S.T.

Stay the night in Richfield, Utah

June 12: Day 7: Richfield to Las Vegas, NV 285 miles\6 hours
Leave Richfield, UT at 10:00am M.S.T. arrive Las Vegas, NV 4- 5pm P.S.T.
(- 1 hour time difference) Wish Recipient Therese Morin (Book Publishing- Ichabod & Lily 2008).

Stay the night in Las Vegas, NV

June 13: Day 8: Las Vegas, NV to Hesperia, CA 196 miles/4 hours
Leave Las Vegas at 10:00am P.S.T. arrive Hesperia, CA Annabella's home town by 3pm P.S.T.
Concert 6pm in the High Desert in Hesperia 
Adventurers could be boarded that night by friends/family of Annabella

Stay the night in Hesperia, CA

June 14: Day 9: Hesperia, CA to Burbank CA 81 miles/2 hours
Leave for Burbank, CA 7:00am P.S.T. Arrive Burbank CA 9:00am P.S.T. Adventurers can go to end of I-10 at Santa Monica and put feet in Pacific Ocean and enjoy the Caifornia sunshine.

Stay the night in Burbank, CA

June 15: Day 10: Homeward Bound: Burbank, CA to Tucson, AZ 500 miles/ 10 hours Leave 7am P.S.T. arrive Phoenix AZ 382 miles/8 hours arrive 5pm M.S.T. (+1 hour timezone cross) leave Phoenix 5:00pm M.S.T. to Tucson 118 miles/2 1/2 hours arrive Tucson, AZ 8pm M.S.T.
Visit with AZ Chapter Twilight Wish for evening refreshments at an American Legion arranged by Rose.
Annabella sings at the Legion and raises money for Tucson Chapter.

Stay the night in Tucson, Arizona

June 16: Day 11: Tucson, AZ to El Paso, TX to Van Horn, TX 438 miles/ 9 hours. Leave Tuscon, AZ 9am M.S.T. arrive El Paso, TX (417 miles/6 hours) at 7pm C.S.T. (+ 1 hour timezone cross) Eat Dinner. 8:30pm Continue on to Van Horn, TX (121 miles/2 ½ hours) arrive Van Horn, TX by 11:30pm C.S.T.

 Stay the night in Van Horn, TX

June 17: Day 12: Van Horn, TX, to San Antonio, TX 432 miles\9 hours. Leave Van Horn, TX 10am C.S.T. arrive San Antonio, TX 11pm C.S.T. 4 open hours on this driving leg.

Stay the night in San Antonio, Texas

June 18: Day 13: San Antonio, TX to Houston, TX to Baton Rouge, LA 469 miles 9 ½ hours.
Leave San Antonio, TX 9am C.S.T. arrive Houston, TX by 3pm C.S.T. (197 miles/4 hours) have an early dinner.
Leave Houston, TX 4:30 pm arrive Baton Rouge, LA by 11:30pm C.S.T. (272 miles 5 ½ hours)

Stay the night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

June 19: Day 14:  Baton Rouge, LA to Panama City, FL 384 miles\8 hours
leave Baton Rouge, LA 9am C.S.T. Arrive Panama City, FL 8 pm C.S.T.
3 hours of rest time on this leg.

Stay the night in Panama City, FL

June 20: Day 15: Panama City, FL to Ocala, FL to Merritt Island, FL 428 miles/9 hours
Leave Panama City, FL 10am C.S.T. drive to Ocala, FL Sunbridge 300 miles/ 6hours (+1 hour time zone change)
Arrive Ocala Sunbridge by 7pm E.S.T. visit with residents. 
Leave Ocala, FL 8pm E.S.T. for end destination. Arrive 11pm E.S.T. Merritt Island Florida (128 miles/3 hours) Margarette's House!

Stay the night at Margarette’s Merritt Island, FL

June 21: Day 16: Merritt Island, FL Morning Press Conference for Adventurers.

Annabella heads home: Merritt Island FL to Blue Bell, PA 1016 miles at 500 miles per day = 2-3 days
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