I have enjoyed a life-long curiosity of the connection between my thoughts and my physical reality. In order to explore it, I have run down the rabbit holes of science and spirituality, concurrently.

The science part didn't feel true to me until I found Unified Physics, which I believe is the most accurate scientific model we have to date. It is quite different from conventional physics, which I studied at Bryn Mawr College. Unified Physics, a new scientific model by Nassim Haramein, adds consciousness and connection to the scientific viewpoint, which is essential to any comprehensive discussion of the physical universe. So I took the Unified Physics course to become a Delegate of the Resonance Science Academy. I have traveled with Nassim and other delegates to Egypt twice, Peru and Mexico studying the ancient technologies and societies of those lands.

Any religious or spiritual description of reality must include the material world, the energetic world and the etherial world. I find that inclusion of a myriad of beliefs is helpful to being able to pontificate upon the whole spectrum of textures that this earthly lifetime affords us. I find that inclusion of multiple beliefs is much more exciting and accurate than exclusion. Hence I chose to become an ordained interfaith minister through Circle of Miracles Ministry.

While I have been ruminating upon the aforementioned, I was a women's national motocross motorcycle racing champion, a USAF large aircraft mechanic, certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, 30 year student of A Course in Miracles, a 30 year career truck driver and trucking company owner, an award winning singer/songwriter and an Angie's List National Best Contractor as a Handywoman. I am currently enjoying my life helping others as a minister and life coach, writing, speaking and poking my nose into new technologies of all kinds. The world is such an exciting and interesting place in 2020.

Stay safe and be welcome here.


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