Music to me

Music to me is a balm that helps me heal my wounds. It is also a way to communicate, hopefully without conflict. The music that I write is usually given to me from somewhere else, often in answer to a question or as a suggestion of how to view a situation in a more loving way. Sometimes the songs come already written, music and all. Sometimes the music comes first and sometimes the words come and have to wait a while before the music makes itself heard. I hope that my music will help you heal whatever you may be working on, or help you find a more loving perspective. 

Artists whose music has deeply touched my life is Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod. They help me feel inspired all day when I listen to them in the morning. They way they are distributing their music is awe inspiring. They are giving it away. They are living the knowledge that they are taken care of and their music is a gift. You can watch their videos on youtube. My favorite one is called Gratitude. Click here to see it now. From the video you can download their entire album for free.

Thank you for reading this. Feel free to leave your own post about music or anything else you want.

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