From the recording Always With You


I Finally Did It Right

After years of working to sit and see the light.
Every morning concentrating on meditating right.
As you’re holding the object just look but don’t tell.
You feel it through your vision, oh you do it so well.

And finally you can say, “Here I am, OOPS, wasn’t I?
I finally did it right for a moment didn’t I?
My many years of practice led to this special time,
And I felt it for a moment, oh I finally did it right.”

Now gently lean forward, get your knee over your head.
Relax and breathe deeply, do what the teacher said.
Move into your pain, now pull a little more.
That’s it! That’s perfect! Oh ****! I’m on the floor!

But finally you can say... CH

LAST TIME repeat last line.