From the recording Always With You


I am the Christ
©1995 by Annabella Wood

I’ve been looking for Christ all over the place.
He said he’d be back one of these days.
Looking around, I think that he’s late.
But I need some peace today.
Stranger can you relate?
And the stranger said...

I am the Christ incarnated for you.
All that I’ve done, I’ve done it for you.
I stand here now, just so that you,
Can greet the Christ in me.
As I greet the Christ in you.
If you look with your heart then you’ll see.

I thought the stranger had been out in the desert sun too long. I needed a second opinion.

I went to my wife and I said.
I’ve been looking for Christ, I’m afraid that he’s dead.
I found a book where it said what he said.
But I didn’t find him there. I fear that he’s not anywhere.
And my wife said, “Oh Honey...”

I thought maybe my wife had been out in the sun too long with the stranger. I needed some real help.

So I went to therapy.
She held up a mirror and said, “Look here see.
This is how Christ was meant to be.”
As my image stared back at me.
This is what I said to me...

You’ve been looking for Christ all over the place.
Simply turn to your neighbor’s face.
Stare deeply into their gaze, and this is what you will see.
This is what you will see..