2015/06/28 Cynthia Grebb - Embrace of the Goddess
  • 2015/06/28 Cynthia Grebb - Embrace of the Goddess
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Rev. Cynthia Greb will share her evolution from a rather traditional Christian in her teens to a woman who began to slowly remember and reconnect with that part of God who is a Mother God. As she began to embrace the concept of Goddess, her spiritual path began to fall into place.

For both women and men, it feels essential for our individual and planetary health that we recognize the Wholeness of Divinity. There is no duality in Mother/Father God, but one blessed whole. How can we celebrate and honor the wisdom, love, and sacred wildness of women and their place in the unfoldment of this planet if we do not celebrate and honor that part of God who is Goddess?

Cynthia Greb has been called a “love bug” and “the best hugger in the world.” On the more traditional end, she is also an ordained interfaith minister with a MLA in Creation Spirituality (a term coined by theologian Matthew Fox.) She is a writer, artist, and photographer who has worked many years in the health, healing, and hospice world. A facilitator of women’s groups, she also leads retreats on “Creating the Life You Want.” Her book, Love Notes from the Universe, will be out later this year. You can find her on Facebook or at her blogs: https://cindygreb.wordpress.com, https.//dreamingsacreddreams.wordpress.com, or https://thebreastblog.wordpress.com.

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