2015/07/05 Clara Cataldo - The Spirit of the Heart
  • 2015/07/05 Clara Cataldo - The Spirit of the Heart
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Intuition, intention, gratitude, forgiveness and love are examples of the power of the heart. Connecting with these powers can provide an endless source of knowledge and love that far surpasses that of the mind. I invite you to come join me in connecting to and becoming a person of the heart.

Rev. Clara Cataldo was ordained as an Interfaith Minister from the Circle of Miracles in 2002. She is also a Reiki Master-Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reflexologist and Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator. Clara has had a life-long passion for metaphysics and all things "spiritual". She founded Place of Peace, LLC shortly after ordination with the intention of providing a sacred space where individuals, through a variety of workshops, classes and sessions, acquire tools to assist in awakening their inner knowledge, promoting the natural healing process of the mind, body and spirit.

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