2015/08/30 Rev. Anne Scull - Go With God; Reflections of a Reluctant First Mate
  • 2015/08/30 Rev. Anne Scull - Go With God; Reflections of a Reluctant First Mate
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Reflections of a Reluctant First Mate - How “Go with God” Takes on a Whole New Meaning as One Surrenders to the Dilemmas of Sailing...

Today’s speaker does not take herself too seriously as she shares the spiritual side of sailing from the perspective of a very amateur sailor who has spent much of her adult life resisting anything to do with sailboats. Due to a life-changing experience she finds herself once again "raising the main" and "unfurling the jib.” However, the gods of the seas have been humorously reminding her that there is much to be learned when dependent on the whims of the weather and the water (not to mention the skipper!). Our speaker will share some of these sailing “adventures” (not!), emphasizing that the greatest lesson to be learned is the art of surrendering.

Anne graduated with the Circle of Miracles Ministry Class of 2007 and continues to be actively involved in both the Ministry School (as Minister of Students) and the Church (as Co-Director). After 35+ years of teaching with the School District of Philadelphia and many years of graduate school and post-graduate studies in Education, Anne retired and initiated her life as a chaplain, participating in Clinical Pastoral Education at Jefferson Hospital for two years. Now Anne has officially left the retired life to work in the Pastoral Care and Education Department at Jefferson and is currently discerning whether or not to seek becoming a Board Certified Chaplain, a process requiring a huge commitment of time, talent, and treasure. Like most of us Anne goes by many names, the following of which are her favorites: Mom, Honey, Annie, Anne Marie, Sister Anne, Rev Anne, Auntie Anne, Grannie Annie, Laser Beam (it’s a long story), and now - reluctantly - First Mate!

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