2015/08/02 Swami Ken - Experiencing the Illusions
  • 2015/08/02 Swami Ken - Experiencing the Illusions
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Today, Swami Ken will talk about what we experience in our daily lives and how we view these experiences." Swami Ken is an American Yogi born and raised in Minnesota. Swami studied yoga and meditation with many great teachers but it was not until 1988 when he met his True Guru and Master Sri Shivabalayogi. One night while working late at IBM he heard a voice behind him say “Get ready I am coming. Learn Hindi.” To his surprise no one was present in the building. He went home and vowed to be ready for whatever was coming. He prepared to leave his career and give up everything he had been working towards to fulfill the deepest longings in his soul; to know God. At his first meditation program with Sri Shivabalayogi he immediately fell into a deep state of meditative consciousness known as samadhi (nirvana) for five hours. Sri Shivabalayogi answered all of the questions that had been hidden deep within Swami Ken's heart and then asked him with a smile “Did you learn Hindi yet?” From that moment on Swami Ken devoted his life to serving his Guru. He was initiated in to a very intense meditation practice known as Tapas. Swami Ken meditated 10 hours a day for 7 years until he was told by his Guru to continue his mission and travel the world teaching meditation. Even though Swami Ken is a highly accomplished Yogi he still comes to us as a humble, loving friend, and teacher helping us to reach our own highest nature just as Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj helped him to reach his.

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