2014/09/14 Don Hoes - Meditation
  • 2014/09/14 Don Hoes - Meditation
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Don Hoes, businessman, author, mystic poet, and student of meditation for over 3 decades, will share on how he has gained more personal control over the distractions of Mind through focused meditation. He states that once we do this, we can literally tap into our True Nature as Soul and that having this experience, connect us with the active force behind all healing and life.

Don inspires us to tap within, living life in the now, and with a simple technique he calls the 'Art of Stillness', relieve stress, improve our immune systems, and help obtain more self-love and inner peace so that one by one, we obtain individual and global peace and love in preparation for entering our New Golden Age of Love. Don Hoes began practicing meditation on inner light at 14. Within two years he had a series of out of body experiences that raised more questions about the inner light, as well as life itself. For over 20 years he has taught classes, workshops, and courses. This work has culminated in his book, Higher Consciousness Through Meditation, published in 2011, and inspired the latest revision and title of his work called "Higher Consciousness Empowerment Series".

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