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Singing at the LA Forum  

I dream I am on a big stage with a wireless mic in hand, no guitar and a full, professional and well rehearsed band behind me. 20,000 or more people have come to the concert and I'm singing my own stuff, music and songs and doing a couple of favorite cover songs. I can see the fans and they are loving the show. I hear the music through the loudspeakers and it sounds so good. I sort of want to stop singing and just listen. I start dancing while I sing. I am so happy, smiling, dancing singing, I can't contain my joy. It is coming out all over me.

I am in a deep, bright blue shirt with sequins, jeans and tall, brown swede boots that lace up the front. I'm so comfortable singing on this stage it is almost uncomfortable. You know that feeling when you can hardly take any more it feels so good? I want to merge with the music, my band and the crowd.

We could go on forever, singing and playing, dancing and sharing. We continue the end of the song longer than usual just because we are having such a great time and it sounds so good. We finally bring it to a close, and all of us on stage are smiling broadly from having too much fun. It's usually illegal; feeling this good.

Then my stage assistant brings out a stool for me to sit on and my perfectly tuned guitar. I gently put the mic into the stand, lay the guitar strap over my shoulder and sit on the stool in front of the mic. A hush moves through the crowd as I gather myself for the next song. It is a slow, emotional number about the moment in my life of my greatest sadness. It's called, That's What Happened, a waltz ballad. As I sing, the auditorium is silent. You could hear a pin drop. I close my eyes. I wrap myself around the instrument and sing my heart out to my 20,000 or more friends gathered for this evening of music. Without cracking voice nor shedding tears I cry through this song and pour my heart out to the fans. They receive me with understanding and I can hear some crying in the first few rows. The band behind me is playing slowly, softly moaning with me as we breathe as one being through the music. We come to the end of the song, and the last note rings out in stately harmonics and slowly the vibrations give way to stillness and silence.

A few full seconds later, the auditorium erupts into loud, boisterous applause, the kind that comes from deep within the heart; the kind that is generated from the deep sharing of experience between strangers who have just become friends; the kind of sharing that two people seldom share, much less 20,000. But share it we did and the experience is promotes powerful healing on a large scale.

I stand up from the stool and take a long, deep bow, knowing that something real shifted for the better for hundreds, maybe thousands of people in the room. I am bowing in deep gratitude to Spirit for using me, to the band for facilitating the musical healing and to the fans for receiving us.

The concert is nearly over. Standing up out of the bow, I give my guitar to my stage hand, grab the wireless mic off the stand and start bouncing in anticipation as the drummer counts off the cadence to our final number; Home is Where the Heart is. I sing out loud and strong knowing that I have just accepted this group's invitation to make this stage my home, if only for a few hours, for we have fully shared our hearts on this night.

As we move through our last song the crowd is on its feet, clapping, dancing and singing along with us, enjoying their own fantasy of living in an 18 wheeler rolling down the highway. Once again we keep the music going a little longer than usual after the singing is done. Then we hit the final chord and this time it doesn't have time to ring out to silence. Immediately upon striking the chord the crowd is up on its feet clapping, raising lit cell phones and yelling for more, thanking me and the band.

I turn to my band, and they are looking at me. We're all feeling the euphoria that comes from putting on a great show for a large crowd; for singing and playing our hearts out and from receiving all this love from so many people. The excitement, adrenaline, peace and passion thrill us to the core.

There's just nothing else like putting on a great concert. Nothing else like it on Earth.