2016/03/27 Rev. Annabella Wood - The Connected Universe
  • 2016/03/27 Rev. Annabella Wood - The Connected Universe
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The Connected Universe-A Science/Spirit Dialogue

"There is a power in the universe greater than me and I can use it for good." - Religious Science.

Sages throughout time have spoken of the interconnection of all things and that we are all one. All of us have experienced some sense of connection to something undefinable but definitely palpable. Traditional science has tried in the past to tell us that these phenomena are generated by the part of our brains called the imagination. But a whole new scientific picture of the universe is coming forth which proves what we have always known: We are all connected and our thoughts are important in the universe. There is a field of infinite possibility and it lives within us as well as outside us. On Easter Sunday we will explore the resurrection of the marriage of science and spirituality; opening our hearts and minds to a beautiful, exciting future which is very different from our past. No scientific ability required for this discussion.

Rev. Annabella Wood has studied the impress of the mind on reality since the early 1990's. As an undergraduate at Bryn Mawr College she was awarded a Fullbrite Scholarship to research the nature of thought under the direction of Dr. Grobestein, a neurobiologist. She was eventually invited to leave the Bryn Mawr Physics program because of her outspoken opinion that consciousness was an essential component for accurate scientific conversation. She went on to earn her bachelor's degree in Spirituality, Religion and Holistics from Union Institute and University. She is a graduate and teacher at the Circle of Miracles Ministry School and our Minister of Music. She is also a singer, professional handywoman and the Truck Driving Mama.

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