2016/03/06 Christie Maybo & The Guides - Past Present and Future Collide
  • 2016/03/06 Christie Maybo & The Guides - Past Present and Future Collide
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As human beings, we master the art of separating and sorting our life experiences through time in a linear fashion and yet the impact of our experiences is multifaceted. Through firsthand experiences and with Spirit’s ever-present input - Christi and The Guides will share about the impact, effect and beauty of our human experiences. Prepare to be snow-globed. That’s Christi’s way of saying Spirit will be shaking up our current perspectives so we can percolate on new ideas.

Christi is known for her specialty in communicating with The Guides about people’s blindspots, those areas of life where you don’t know what you don’t know. Through her unique ability to connect with the energy of the audience, Spirit’s guidance and her personal experiences, Christi inspires, motivates and invigorates audiences to deepen their personal awareness, self-acceptance and self-worth. As always, Christi and The Guides will customize this presentation based on those in attendance so that all benefit.

About Christi Maybo: Christi, along with her husband Pete Maybo, are owners of Christi International LLC where they offer Spirit inspired education to develop the human potential within. Their philosophy is: We begin with the Self to Impact the World. Their classes, sessions and workshops guide you to access your Soul’s Wisdom, restore your truest self and get out of your own way.

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