2016/02/14 Rev. Susan DeLorenzo - Experiencing Love
  • 2016/02/14 Rev. Susan DeLorenzo - Experiencing Love
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February 14, Valentines' Day, a day of acknowledging love, expressing love with hearts, flowers chocolates, etc.

This Sunday, this Valentine’s Day, let’s us together, step into the vibration of Love, feel its' Presence…and, as we do, we may find ourselves swimming in, experiencing, this love that Is who we are. And in this knowing, this remembering, we can share with one another our moments of witnessing, experiencing Love.

Susan DeLorenzo, an ordained Circle Of Miracles Interfaith minister, has been both a student and a teacher of spiritual awareness for decades. Her willingness to see the truth opens to ongoing self discovery. She is a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Past Life Regressionist, Hypnotist, IET Practitioner, and Advanced Spiritual Intuitive. Reiki has been a gift of love throughout her many years of practice and teaching. Channeled vibrational sounds, Echoes of Love, found their way into the many Reiki sessions adding another layer for healing. Presently, Susan offers group and private Echoes of Love sessions. Susan volunteers her Reiki services at Siloam, an HIV/AIDS ministry in Philadelphia. She lives in Washington Crossing with her husband, and is grateful for her four children and their families.

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