2015/06/21 Sharon Cristafalo-Relationships
  • 2015/06/21 Sharon Cristafalo-Relationships
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Rev. Sharon Cristofalo presents a unique way to view your relationships with introspection, honor and grace. She will encourage thoughts and provoking concepts of different types of relationships. Simple, yet profound ideas will be presented to enhance your connection within relationships for the greater good.

Sharon will guide a meditation for healing and supporting your relationships. Come and honor your relationships, especially today, with your father.

Happy Father's Day

Rev. Sharon Cristofalo has a passion for assisting people on their healing journey. She has been an energy work specialist for 15+ years and a Physical Therapist for 30+ years, as well as being an ordained Circle of Miracles Minister. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, IET Practitioner and 3-in-1 Concepts One Brain Facilitator. Her other studies include Native American Spirituality, resonance healing, crystals, feng shui, essences and more. She combines energy work techniques, essences and channeled readings in her gentle, effective sessions. She helps people find their Sacred Brilliance!

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