2015/07/12 Laura Barry - How I was "Doinked" into Intense and Beautiful Self-Awareness
  • 2015/07/12 Laura Barry - How I was "Doinked" into Intense and Beautiful Self-Awareness
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Join us as local author, Rev. Laura L. Barry, shares her insight and journey regarding changing the critic's voice in our heads to that of a loving and supportive coach. The tools taught in Circle of Miracles Ministry School, “doinked” Laura into intense and beautiful self-awareness. (Yes…“doinked” is a spiritual term!) Some of these self-awareness gems will be shared today. Learning about the little things we say or do to undermine or sabotage ourselves is key for any growth.

Laura L. Barry is a local resident and mother to 2 wonderful young men, Thomas and Eric. She is a traveler in A Course In Miracles and both leads and participates in sessions at all levels. She also teaches A Course In Miracles in the Ministry school and the Master’s program here at Circle. A consultant in the business world, she also coaches executives, has a life-coaching practice, is a sought after speaker and she facilitates retreats for those healing from trauma, illness or the rigors of life. She’s a runner, rower, interfaith minister and a funny woman.

Laura is mostly a student of life and thoroughly enjoys its classroom. She does have more formal credentials, like a BS from St. Joseph's University, Phila., PA and an MBA from Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ. Additionally, she is a Reiki master and is currently finishing up her Master's in Metaphysics. Laura has published articles in American Nurse Today, the official journal of the American Nurses Assoc., Mind Body and Spirit section and just finished her first book: THE CENTER OF ME, The Journey To Finding Your Inner Coach

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