2016/02/07 Ken Kaplan - The 5 Stages of Soul Evolution
  • 2016/02/07 Ken Kaplan - The 5 Stages of Soul Evolution
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The Five Stages of Soul Evolution: How Knowing the Landscape Prompts Me Toward Compassion and Understanding

We all know about Soul Contracts, but they are part of a larger cycle of "Soul Evolution", described in books by such authors as Michael Newton in " Journey of Souls" and referenced by some speakers at Circle. About 5 years ago, Ken Kaplan discovered the "Michael Teachings" (not Archangel Michael) and the 5 stages of Soul Development. These comprise the arc of all soul evolution in human form and the Divine Design for us in detail. Humans begin as "Infant Souls", and move through the "Baby Soul", "Young Soul","Mature Soul" and "Old Soul" stages until "graduation in a "grand cycle" of thousands of years.

Ken will share how this information has impacted his life and has widened the opportunity for open-heartedness, understanding and forgiveness as well as shining a vivid spotlight on not only personal issues but the world and the cultural-political landscape. This is a fascinating topic and offers much in the realm of continued empowerment and expansion and is in tune with the emerging energies of 2016. Ken has been a Circle "member' for many years. He is a gifted, professional storyteller, a performer for children, and an early childhood specialist who is also a state certified trainer of teachers. He has worked the last several years in mental health and substance abuse recovery, creating and facilitating groups in storytelling, spirituality and meditation. He is also a dream specialist, angel communicator, medium, and intuitive who has begun working with those in need of "finding their center". Ken is a gifted communicator who has presented on many spiritual topics for over twenty years throughout the Delaware Valley and he has integrated this knowledge into both his personal journey and his support of others.

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