2015/10/04 Rev. SandyJoy Goldstein - Re-Creating Myself
  • 2015/10/04 Rev. SandyJoy Goldstein - Re-Creating Myself
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Recreating Myself

After the passing of my daughter, I found that I needed to recreate myself. The question, "Who am I?", was relevant and profoundly important as I began to discover the answer to that question. It all came together when I sang with The Philadelphia Heritage Chorale to celebrate the Pope’s visit.

Sandy Joy Goldstein is an Interfaith Minister from Circle of Miracles Church. Her middle name defines her, because she finds joy in being with people. She finds joy in life’s pleasurable moments and in life’s challenges. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, an IET Master-Instructor, and is a certified hypnotherapist. Music is one of her passions and she delights in the harmony of life. She has been with the Bucks County Choral Society for over 10 years. For the past 15 years, Sandy Joy has worked with inmates at Bucks County Correctional Facility for Vita Education Services teaching Decisions for Living. She is currently the Criminal Justice Coordinator for all Vita’s programs at the prison. One of her favorite quotes was written by her daughter, “Claim as your own these inalienable rights: dignity, respect and most of all love in all its magical forms.”

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