2016/01/31 Angelo Rusciano - Through the Gates of Compassion We Arrive at Now
  • 2016/01/31 Angelo Rusciano - Through the Gates of Compassion We Arrive at Now
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Through the Gates of Compassion We Arrive at Now

Compassion is the key to a life of Now. At the foot of Now exists the Great Mother, the Creative Master of All. Through Angelo, The Sacred Feminine shares how to Step into the Creative Master in You. Angelo will tell his story and how he arrived at the present day. After celebration his book Sacred Feminine-intercessions with The Divine Mother will be available and he will be signing books.

“He is to reveal my true identity, my true words, my true form.” The Blessed Mother Mary

To schedule a private session or to Host your very own Mother Mary Now Event Please contact Lisa DeCrescente 646-702-2360 www.mothermarynow.com family@mothermarynow.com www.facebook.com/MotherMaryNow Angelo is a celebrated Fine Artist, Architectural Designer, Medium and Messenger for The Blessed Mother. Having had 4 documented apparitions of The Blessed Mother since 1996 he has been creating channeled art for over 20 years. In 2012 a direct request was made by Divine Mother that Angelo be a messenger for her, that she may change the world’s perception of who she is and her desired relationship with all. During the same year it was revealed to him by a 16th Century Mexica Shaman that he is the true hands of the miraculous “Our Lady of Guadalupe” painting that now resides in Mexico City. It was at this time that he felt a clarity and unfolding he had been seeking his whole life. Angelo returns this time to tell The Blessed Mother’s story and reveal the “Now” Mother, The Mother of our Americas. She, the voice of a beloved spirit, through her own life experience has transformed herself into a Being whose most cherished desire is to empower us all with a collective truth. Love and accept ourselves and those around us. With humor, good counsel and love for all her messages about the return of The Sacred Feminine, Living in our heart’s mind, and believing is seeing are provocative, timely and relevant to all.

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