2015/04/19 Kathy Milano - WholeHearted Living
  • 2015/04/19 Kathy Milano - WholeHearted Living
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WholeHearted Living

Kathy will address those on the spiritual path who are truly interested in transcending their habits that hold them from embracing life as it is and moving further along the path to awakening. She will share with us the practical mystical approach to life with an emphasis on skillfully cultivating the practice of living WholeHeartedly, with attention on our integrated Mind-Body-Spirit Energy system. This practice is essential to Kathy, and she is witnessing such growth in folks who are committed to exploring this rich path.

Kathy Milano, PhD, Founder of Soul Sanctuary in Moorestown , NJ , is passionate about empowering people to live WholeHeartedly, awaken their intuitive gifts, and cultivate a harmoniously integrated MindBodySpiritEnergy system capable of direct communication with the Divine Mystery. In her many offerings, Kathy applies her experience as a Clinical Psychologist with a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology and speciality in treating trauma, a teacher of spirituality and mystical wisdom, and the intuitive creator of Angelic Energetics™ so that everyone can enhance their innate capacities, transcend limits and suffering, and WholeHeartedly engage the mystery of Life. Within all services, Kathy is grateful to flow high vibrational attunements of Divine Love and Grace to elevate the vibrational potential of individual and group and invite energetic healing which affects multiple levels of being. www.kathymilano.com.

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