2015/11/15 Allison Hayes - The Rock Girl
  • 2015/11/15 Allison Hayes - The Rock Girl
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The Rock Girl - Returns to Her Roots

Coming to us from Asheville NC , Allison Hayes, The Rock Girl, will speak about the magic growing up in Bucks County and her deep connection to Mother Earth and Spirit. As a child attending Buckingham Friends, she discovered there were secret messages buried within the Stones. She became acutely aware of their energy; could feel their vibrational frequency and even began to see it.

And so she began studying--Stones, Earth-based Traditions, Ancient Civilizations (including, pre-Lemurian, Lemurian, Atlantean, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec) Middle Earth, Star People, Extra Terrestrial Beings, The Angelic Realm, The Goddess, The Divine and the Universal Consciousness.

Today, Allison will share how studying many different modalities of Reiki in the US and the UK, such as Crystal Reiki and Atlantean Reiki, led her on a lifelong journey that transformed her life, her ability to channel healing energy, and became the foundation of her Spiritual Journey. She will also share her recent travels to Japan to the top of the Holy Mount Kurama, where Dr Usui discovered the Sacred Reiki Symbols.

The Rock Girl is a "High Priestess of Stones", an international award-winning psychic, past life channeler, Reiki teacher, healer, and popular radio personality. As the founder of the Rock Girl Sacred Stone School and a celebrity favorite, Allison travels worldwide and is known for her accurate detailed readings. She is fiercely committed to helping you discover the Legacy of your soul and to honoring the Divine that dwells within us all.

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