2015/12/13 Mary DeLaat - From CPA to Crystal Skull Guardian
  • 2015/12/13 Mary DeLaat - From CPA to Crystal Skull Guardian
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From CPA to Crystal Skull Guardian

Coming to us from Michigan, Mary DeLaat has had a most interesting journey from being a professional financial executive to running an inspirational spiritual business as a work/life coach, holistic practitioner, retreat owner, and guardian of 2 ancient crystal skulls. Ixchel is a sacred Mayan Jade skull used for healing. Omani is a decorated quartz ceremonial skull from a Nepalese Buddhist Monastery.

Today, Mary will share the story of her adventures and transformation, including her spiritual awakening which commenced in 2009, and continues to this day.

Mary DeLaat, CPA has 30 years of experience in public accounting as a Chief Audit Executive, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer. She is a Business Consultant, QSCA certified Law of Attraction Business and Life Coach, QSCA certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, certified Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Master Teacher, certified in Edina I, owner and operator of Kuyuichi Kanchay Wasi, a holistic spiritual retreat center and school in Michigan. As guardian of Ixhel and Omani, she travels around the country sharing them with others who feel called to be in their presence to experience their healing, power and wisdom.

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