2016/01/10 Yanni Maniates - The Coming Interspiritual Age
  • 2016/01/10 Yanni Maniates - The Coming Interspiritual Age
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The Coming Interspiritual Age: A Visionary Perspective

Over the past few decades a new vision has been emerging, both consciously and subconsciously, among many different kinds of people worldwide, both religious and non-religious. It is an evolutionary impetus that is leading us to a world consciousness that leaves behind the conflicts and rigid dogma of the literalist, self-centered mind-set and instead guides us into higher levels that are altruistic and universal.

This new vision is helping us all to find a common ground both to openly and deeply communicate with each other and as well to join in communion and service for the common good of all. It’s not based on ideologies of the mind, but on ancient technologies of the heart. Technologies and inner “knowings” that have been practiced, preserved and honed over the millennia in and through the great spiritual traditions of the world. The rigid boundaries of one tradition versus another are breaking down and many people are now identifying themselves as spiritual but not religious; belonging to multiple traditions; globally or universally spiritual; and trans-traditionally or world-centrically spiritual.

It doesn't matter whether we are female or male, indigenous or urban, scientist or mystic, Hindu or Muslim, we are all connected by these “golden threads” of spiritual wisdom that run through all the spiritual traditions and that are now beginning to be woven into a beautiful tapestry of Cooperation, Community, Love, Peace and Service to all sentient beings and to the Earth. Yes, Ariadne has left us a “golden thread” to follow that can lead us out of our labyrinth of self-centered, materialistic, meaningless belief systems as well as away from the Minotaur’s steely, heartless grasp into a compassionate, inclusive world that works for all.

There is a vision now that we can all begin to grasp. It is the evolutionary impetus that is carrying us all into a whole new relationship with our selves, others, the creation and all the dimensions, possibilities and potential that makes up this incredibly beautiful, majestic and mysterious universe we live in. Critical mass is being reached. A “heart” intelligence and an inclusive vision is beginning to come into focus.

In the 80’s Yanni was very actively involved in the worldwide interfaith/ecumenical work that was going on at the time. Today he will share with us the vision of the recently birthed Interspirituality Movement, how it brings great hope to the world and how, full-circle, he has become involved with it all again.

Our beginnings never know our ends.

T.S. Eliot

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