2015/01/25 Patricia Gallagher - The Gift of Goodbye
  • 2015/01/25 Patricia Gallagher - The Gift of Goodbye
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The Gift of Goodbye! Some of us are meant to be in a romantic (or business partnership, co-worker, workplace relationship) for only a season or for a reason. People come to us and go from us. Maybe it was unexpected or maybe we had been taking note of the good, the bad, and the ugly for awhile.

We may not understand it. It may be hard. We may feel sad, hurt, and conflicted. But there are times when to preserve self-respect and peace of mind, we have to give ourself “The Gift of Goodbye.”

Learn that the Gift of Goodbye may truly be a gift. Whether we need the courage to walk away from a family member, business partner, co-worker, or someone has walked away from us, we can find peace and solace by saying Goodbye. We are not alone. Comfort, serenity, and wisdom await us!

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