What's 2020 About?

This is the text from a Sunday Celebration Talk I gave at Circle of Miracles over Zoom on 9/20/2020.


In the 1980's I loved singing the song Material Girl by Madonna at the top of my lungs while I drove around LA in my gas tanker. I would bounce in the driver’s seat, they are air ride, and would bounce and toss my head as I was singing. I could only imagine what other drivers were thinking as they drove past me. But part of that joy was that I knew it wasn’t true. I was getting away with something. I would sing it and feel inside how untrue it was. Preposterous. “We are living in a material world.” That is certainly true in some respect. That’s the world our senses tell us about. It is part of the world we live in. For many people, it is the only world they think about, maybe all they know about. But for many of us, this limited view causes much suffering from all kinds of emotional issues. Material things don't love us back, ever. If we are living in a material world and only loving the material world, we are constantly experiencing unrequited love no matter how much material stuff we have. We do some crazy things to try and fill an emptiness inside that the material world will never fill. We don’t even know why we are doing these things.  

Many of us have chosen another path. We live with an emphasis on somewhere else; in the world of consciousness more than material. Of course, many people have missed the call. But the number who are hearing it now is greater than ever before. We are studying A Course in Miracles, Work of Byron Katie, Ekhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton just to name a few. We even have our own TV channel, Gaia TV! We are gathering in small numbers around the world, using modern technology to come together as never before. Websites like iAwake, Islands of Coherence, Circle of Miracles help us gather in groups to practice coherent consciousness. We can build our heart/brain coherence through technology from Heart Math Institute and learn what astronauts felt when they looked back at Earth from space at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Science and technology is popping out all over the world with ideas supporting that we are all connected in every way. Old spiritual ism’s are being proven with math and science, such as, "We are all one." Resonance Science tells you all about it. We have inventors who have made machines that create electric energy from the space. Some of their by-products are ozone, healing scalar energy and gravity control. So they provide electricity, help heal the ozone layer and heal the physical bodies of the people and animals around them! Rennaisance Energy is one independent inventor.

Micro-wormhole theory in spacetime gives us a scientific explanation of psychic knowledge, akashic readings, distant healing and vision, mind reading, Ouiji boards, angelic readings, to name just a few. 

The technology to help one meditate very effectively in no time is available for free to all, anyone who wants to take advantage of it. Through this meditation process, we can access more of our abilities to plug in to the great consciousness behind everything material. We can access the other world more quickly and easily. iAwake offers these free meditations.

So we have 2 worlds…. At least. As the people who are aware of the spiritual world such as us learn more and more about it and how to access it, we seem to be bringing it to the forefront of our lives.  

In so doing, we can actually live more loving, understanding lives using technology that doesn’t hurt the Earth. 

As we know, those who are living only in the material world are getting closer and closer to the logical end of that road. So it appears to us that things are going crazy. A chasm is forming. 

I saw a funny picture on FB the other day. The picture was from the movie Twister, and there was a cow flying across the highway about 30 feet in the air. The caption was, “This is about the time I would ask a question, but since it is 2020, I think just keep on driving.” I had a good laugh. But it got me thinking… 

Yes, lots of old rules are breaking. It can be really scary, because structures in our society that we used to count on for emotional security and financial security and lots of other things are breaking down. We are losing loved ones in high numbers to the other side of the veil. The rules are changing. Change can be scary. And change is upon us.  

The loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at this time makes me feel like the stars are lined up against equality in America, true justice, compassion and critical thinking. It feels like the universe is working toward the total collapse of this American human democracy experiment. I wonder if the cycles of socities is on a torus energy pattern. A torus is shaped somewhat like a donut and the energy runs through the center of the donut out to the outer edge then back to the center. Maybe we are at the part of that pattern where it is collapsing in on itself to fit through the center of the donut. Regardless, I know that there HAS TO be a reason for everything unfolding as it is. And that reason MUST BE LOVE. That is the basic, fundamental Truth of the Universe.

We are being called on to be the love everywhere we go. In our lifetimes this calling has never been more important, nor more difficult.  

See only love, be only loving for all else is not real. Everything that is not love is the out picturing of the undisciplined part of our minds come up for healing. Only love can heal these wounds. One does not fight one’s wounds. They bandage them and heal them with a kiss. 

Only love is real. Remain steadfast in your knowledge of this as the distractions of fear and hatred cross the field of your vision.  

The year is 2020: the year of clear vision. We must see it for what it is; a time to choose between love and everything else. Our discernment will usher in the next evolutionary stage, for all that is not love will fall away without our resistance created by fear and hatred. In other words, our worry worsens the situation.

We are living in the time of Armageddon. The meaning of the word Armageddon is, “the lifting of the veil of ignorance.” We can no longer fool ourselves with the material world. It is not easy growing up. We must discard our toys which have kept us distracted from love. The Dalai Lama was forced to love the Chinese as they destroyed his land, buildings, and people. And in so doing, the Chinese forced him to flee his land, and his influence grew from being only in Tibet to throughout the entire world. We are charged at this time in history to find the Dalai Lama within ourselves. We must use the power of our love to diffuse the fear and hatred that seems so prevalent in our society right now. We must leave our own "lands", our own small communities and speak what we know to be true among strangers, just as the Dalai Lama had to do.  

Fear, worry and hatred are compelling toys, as they attract our frog brain, the part of our brain that simply reacts to danger in non-intelligent ways. We must keep this part of our brain in check and make sure we don’t let it lead the way. It doesn’t see the beauty in all this change. This is not hocus pocus, it's a matter of using focus.   

The very thing that makes it so scary right now, is the thing that makes our next step as a species possible. The falling of the old way of life opens the doors for what is to come. It is up to us to determine what we will make this opportunity. 

In the year 2000 Jean Houston wrote the book Jump Time. In it she states that evolution doesn’t happen in a straight line. As long as a specie is comfortable enough, they won’t change. It is when they become uncomfortable that they suddenly evolve, sometimes making numerous changes in a very short time. 

This is where I see the human race right now. We are at the beginning of the next step of our own evolution. Not just because the Age of Aquarius is upon us, but also because our societies obviously can not continue under the old rules. The old, familiar ways are being crushed under their own weight; the heaviness  of prejudice, hatred, power and greed, all things that were used by those unaware of their connections to each other, trying to fill that hole left by living in the material world.  

There is so much more ahead of us than behind us. We are on the verge of clean, limitless space travel, enhanced healing abilities, enhanced communication abilities. We can help the Earth heal. Our individual inventors have the answers, and while industries and governments are looking elsewhere, these ideas are finding fertile ground.  

Everything is in place for us to become loving, kind, respectful societies; light beings beyond our wildest imaginings. We, specifically the people on this call and others like us around the world are needed more now than ever. Our diligence for love and possibility, connection and responsibility for disciplined thinking is of paramount importance. There is no going back. We must move forward. It is the only place that all people and other Earthlings will be able to live in respectful harmony.  

I looked up Age of Aquarius online and found this is Wikipedia: 

"A common position expressed by many astrologers sees the Age of Aquarius as that time when humanity takes control of the Earth and its own destiny as its rightful heritage, with the destiny of humanity being the revelation of truth and the expansion of consciousness, and that some people will experience mental enlightenment in advance of others and therefore be recognized as the new leaders in the world.[11] "

That’s us. We can do this. Network. Stay in touch with each other. Support each other. When a friend falters, be there to remind them of their connection with the best of all that is. Watch what you allow into your thoughts. It is harrowing out there. Go within to find your strength. If it isn’t love, leave it alone. If it is love, hold it close. Forgive yourself quickly for any mistakes. Do not follow your frog brain into scary territory. Keep it in close check. 

Evolution isn’t an easy process. By definition, it’s tough. We have to believe as never before. We have to monitor our thoughts and stay diligent and disciplined with them as never before. We have to love as never before. This is where we are, and we can do this.  

Whenever you think about the future, remember that we are not running this show. There is a power greater than any of us. Plug into that greatness, in whatever way you do. Feel the love of the one who causes you to breathe, you are connecting with the spirit world. Much is being asked of us, and we are being supplied with the energy, wisdom and ability to come through.  

All that is real is really only love. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace that passes understanding: the Truth of God. Now, let's get busy and bring in the next stage of evolution together. 

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